Where will all the penguins go??


A musical on climate change

A global awareness project about climate change, using musical theatre as the medium – enabling school and college students, and community theatre groups from all over the world to download and perform the hour long musical.


Climate science advisors for the project: CEEW

Council on Energy, Environment and Water



This website:

offers the complete project – with all the resources for students and teachers to put up the musical

shows you how we went about writing and putting up this show,


how you can write your own music/musical.

Go to the downloads page to see – the script, backing tracks, music notation, etc. 


Rehearsals at the Glebe Library, Sydney, Aug-Sep 2018.

For Music Teachers

The musical is available to schools, colleges and community theatre groups for FREE.

For Students

The reason behind doing a climate change awareness campaign as a ‘musical’ was to get the students INVOLVED.

Putting up a musical requires auditions, rehearsals, training, hard work, memorising parts and lines, improving one’s acting and singing ability, overcoming stage fright, team work and the challenge of being entertaining. 

The other key reason is that the parents are captive audiences when the kids are performing. 

It is, by design, inclusive. All schools in all countries should perform it.



These kids are just great and they have a topic they can get their teeth into.  WHERE WILL ALL THE PENGUINS GO?, playing as part of the Sydney Fringe, will give them a voice on issues such as the environment and the dangers of plastic bottles, war, refugees and the importance of family.

They are young but committed and they wear their heart on their sleeve as the ensemble brings a story of two brothers…

Read the full review here – https://www.sydneyartsguide.com.au/where-will-all-the-penguins-go/

Climate change theatre

Check out this new children’s musical on climate change “Where will all the penguins go??” at this year’s Sydney Fringe Festival – on 20, 21, 22 Sept, 2018 at the Bondi Pavilion Theatre.

This is a children’s musical performed by and created for kids (and adults) with the underlying theme of climate change. It’s an adventure filled journey story of two brothers set over 50 years. A story of love and loss, ego and redemption.  



Professor Peter Wadhams

Prof Wadhams is the pre-eminent authority on sea-ice in the Arctic

“Thank you so much for that wonderful piece of work. I am very impressed by your initiative.”

Peter Wadhams

Professor of Ocean Physics – University of Cambridge


Adil Jain

is the writer, composer, lyricist and producer of the show. 
He has been working as a professional photographer, filmmaker and writer for over 20 years in NY, Mumbai and Sydney.




Adil Jain NYC

The Team for the Sydney Fringe Festival Shows 2018:

Julieanne Patmore – music director

James Fuller – arranger

Jess Smith – drama director

Jodie Andarakis – costumes

Click here for more info about the team.