Reviews and publicity

Like all such things, there is much secrecy around the project, till one day you want all the world to know.


An interview on the radio: 2ser Radio

I was interviewed by the Sydney radio station 2ser in mid June. It was a fun, lively Q&A about the musical, why I’m working on it, what it’s about, and why it’s important. 

You can listen to the recording of the live show here –

Scroll ahead to the 30 minute mark – out of the 2 hour time line, that’s where my bit starts. 

-2ser Radio, 22 June 2018


‘Sydney Arts Guide’ review

“These kids are just great and they have a topic they can get their teeth into.  WHERE WILL ALL THE PENGUINS GO?, playing as part of the Sydney Fringe, will give them a voice on issues such as the environment and the dangers of plastic bottles, war, refugees and the importance of family.

They are young but committed and they wear their heart on their sleeve as the ensemble brings a story of two brothers…”

– Judith Greenway, Sydney Arts Guide, 21 September 2018


Climate Change Theatre

“Check out this new children’s musical on climate change “Where will all the penguins go??” at this year’s Sydney Fringe Festival – on 20, 21, 22 Sept, 2018 at the Bondi Pavilion Theatre.

This is a children’s musical performed by and created for kids (and adults) with the underlying theme of climate change. It’s an adventure filled journey story of two brothers set over 50 years. A story of love and loss, ego and redemption.”

– Nicola Saltman, Second Nature, September 2018


Prof Peter Wadhams

“Thank you so much for that wonderful piece of work. I am very impressed by your initiative.”

– Prof Peter Wadhams, Professor of Ocean Physics – University of Cambridge






5 Crowdfunding Journeys We’d Love You To Support Right Now

“Deadline: July 3rd

This full-length musical titled, Where Will All the Penguins Go? will premiere at this year’s Sydney Fringe Festival. “Performed by and created for children (and adults),” according to their description, the work draws attention to climate change by following two brothers grappling with an environmentally disastrous future. This project campaign, by composer Adil Jain, seeks the funds to mount a successful debut performance, but they’re already thinking ahead! They want to create a working version of the script in 50 languages that can be performed in schools everywhere, by anyone, for free — an open-source, theatre climate sustainability movement!”


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